GEMS over 11

Gems Over 11sThe GEMS (Grow Enjoy Move Study) over 11 project offers a variety of classes for girls aged 11—16. Each term the girls tell us what they have enjoyed and what else they would like to do and we use this feedback to design the timetable. Character education and the development of crucial soft skills, such as perseverance or working with others, are embedded in all our activities.

We know how important it is for girls to have a place where they can have fun with their friends and feel comfortable. All of our activities encourage and challenge the girls in their personal and educational achievement as we help them prepare for further education and the workplace.

Activities we are currently offering:
Maths, Cookery, Dance, Homework Club, Science, Spark, Spiral Career Workshops, Yoga

Our Priorities

  • To offer more information, advice and guidance provision for girls in secondary school and those taking their GCSEs and A Levels.
  • To improve and develop careers guidance and access to opportunities to help girls build their employability skills
  • To strengthen our science, technology, engineering and maths programming for girls.
  • To encourage more girls to pursue STEM subjects in their GCSEs and A Levels and careers in science and technology.
  • To continue to embed youth involvement and youth leadership in the Youth Department


If you would like to find out more about the Baytree Youth Department or register your daughter for an activity, please contact, call 0207 733 5283 or visit us at the Baytree Centre.

Team members

Olive Ahmed

Olive Ahmed

Youth Service Manager

Katie Bell

Katie Bell

Youth Worker