PEACH Plus focuses on the mother’s side of the programme, aiming to move them from poverty to economic self-sufficiency and improve their family life.

PEACH Plus’ main objectives are:

  • To help mothers to improve engagement in their children’s education
  • To build or improve the necessary skills and mindset to get a job or improve current working conditions
  • To help mothers to improve the management of their family budgets such as creating and managing savings, and dealing sensibly with debt
  • To improve their wellbeing and resilience

This programme is based on the Mobility Mentoring approach developed by Empath in Boston, US. Mobility Mentoring is the professional practice of partnering with participants so that, over time, they may acquire the resources, skills and sustained behaviour changes necessary to attain and preserve economic independence. This is done through one-to-one coaching and group sessions, delivered with the support of community partners.

We use the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency framework to pay attention not just to one area of the mother’s life but rather to the interplay between different domains. Using the tool, mothers self-assess and establish goals in different areas such as Family stability, Education, Wellbeing, Financial Management and Employability. 

PEACH Plus mothers are encouraged to improve and develop their executive skills such as:

  • Organization (keeping things in order)
  • Time management (using time well)
  • Planning and prioritization (planning ahead)
  • Response inhibition (think then act)
  • Flexibility (going with the flow)
  • Emotional control (staying cool)
  • Metacognition (stepping back)
  • Task initiation (getting started)
  • Sustained attention (staying attentive)
  • Goal directed persistence (sticking to it)
  • Stress tolerance (dealing with stress)
  • Working memory (remembering)

Mothers are required to commit to a minimum of one year when joining this programme.

To find out more please call 0207 733 5283, email a member of the team or come by the Baytree Centre.

Team members

Maria Van Zeller

Maria Van Zeller

Parent Manager

Mae Parreño

Mae Parreño

Centre Manager