On Friday 3rd February the Into School girls went on a trip to the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) and the National Gallery. They saw a variety of art work- from the interdisciplinary, emotive work of Sonia Boyce and Helen Johnson’s striking, culturally-engaged paintings at the ICA, to the historic pieces in the National Gallery.

The girls were each given a small sketchbook, and engaged in short drawing exercises throughout the day. They were encouraged to engage with the work critically as well as visually, making notes about the effect the artworks had on them, and were surprised by how emotional some of the pieces made them feel.

We brought along a camera and they enjoyed taking photographs of people and artworks around the National Gallery. The sunny lunch break in Trafalgar Square allowed them to experiment more with the camera and share their thoughts on what they had seen. They had a great time visiting the centre of London and were excited to see the different forms which art can take.