Family Love Valentine’s Event

by Feb 14, 2018Women's Service

On Tuesday the 13th of February, Baytree put on an event set to help celebrate the amazing love between family. Valentine’s day is not just to celebrate romantic relationships, but also the bond between family and friends. That is why Baytree decided to host an event that would show how this love can be one of the strongest.

In this event, families enjoyed a yoga class in the gym where they relaxed and enjoyed a soothing, stress free environment.

Then, it was time for the excitement with games and crafts. The mothers and daughters got to make valentine’s cards. This was especially meaningful and the cards that the children made can be saved and cherished forever. The games were a time where the kids could let out some steam and run around. All their energy was shown when they worked together in the many fun, animated games.

After this everyone came together to eat pancakes! It was a joyous time where kids got to enjoy the delicious chocolate inside the more filling pancake. After everyone was filled, they all slowly walked to a great children’s movie called Sing which showed family values and perseverance.