‘Building Young Brixton’ Consortium Partners

Building Young Brixton (BYB) is a consortium of 9 Lambeth-based organisations working together to inspire and empower young people in Brixton Each partner brings a specific geographical and thematic focus, enabling us to cater for a range of needs, interests and target audiences. Through this consortium we will enable a broader range of progression opportunities and outcomes for young people both within the consortium and beyond.

‘Place for All’ Consortium Partners

Place for All (PFA) is a partnership between Baytree’s Women’s Services, High Trees Community Development Trust, and Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organisation (IRMO), working towards a more equal and inclusive Lambeth, supported by a stronger voluntary and community sector.

Red:GLOW Partnership

Red:GLOW is a network that explores the interactions between gender, leadership, citizenship and young women’s agency, through developing youth work good practice. It aims to strengthen women’s leadership by empowering and inspiring young women across Europe.

Red:GLOW brings together seven partner organisations from six European countries (Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and the UK), each with a strong track record in empowering young women, including many from migrant, minority and disadvantaged backgrounds. Red:GLOW stands for Gender, Leadership, Outreach and Work, with Red meaning ‘network’ in Spanish.

Other Partners

The Baytree Centre is pleased to be able to work with a number of local community providers to support each others’ clients and services in order to enhance the client experience and offer targeted support.


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