About Baytree

The Baytree Centre is an educational charity (Registered Charity No 1175145) for women and girls based in the heart of Brixton, London.

Inspired by Catholic Social Teaching in response to local needs we address poor housing conditions, homelessness, lack of language and basic skills, trauma due to hard migration journeys and other barriers that can prevent our 600+ women and girls and their families from thriving.

The services we have developed with and for our clients focus on education, training, and employability opportunities to enhance confidence and self-esteem and to promote aspirations, opportunity and improve their lives.

Baytree’s education and support programmes are flexible and tailor services to the local people’s needs. All projects combine education with one to one mentoring. Social mobility mentoring gives women and girls the tools to identify and overcome their specific challenges and improve their life chances. Baytree’s relational and professional approach ensures women and girls recognise their own worth and take concrete steps to build a bright future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Character Education

Character Education is an educational approach that underpins all the work we do at Baytree, from youth clubs to mentoring and ESOL classes for women. It involves teaching virtues so that the women and girls that access the centre can make good decisions and flourish in their lives. Our Character Education programme is based on our ETHOS and consists of 4 key virtues -kindness, courage, respect, and self-discipline- which are underpinned by purpose.
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