About Baytree

The Baytree Centre is an educational charity (charity registration number 1175145) for women and girls, based in the heart of Brixton, south London.

Inspired by Catholic Social Teaching in response to local needs, we address poor housing conditions, homelessness, lack of language and basic skills, trauma due to difficult migration journeys and other barriers that can prevent our 600+ women and girls and their families from thriving.

The services we have developed with and for our clients focus on education, training, and employability skills to enhance confidence and self-esteem, promote aspirations and opportunities, and improve the lives of migrants and refugees. 

Baytree’s education and support programmes are flexible and tailor services to the needs of the people living locally. All projects combine education with one-to-one mentoring. Social mobility mentoring gives women and girls the tools to identify and overcome their specific challenges and improve their life chances. Baytree’s relational and professional approach ensures women and girls recognise their own worth and take concrete steps to build a bright future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Our Mission:

Creating supportive pathways towards social inclusion for inner city families through education and training programmes for women and girls.

Character Development

Character Development is an educational approach that underpins all the work we do at Baytree, from youth clubs to mentoring and ESOL classes for women. It involves supporting the development of virtues so that the women and girls that access the centre can make good decisions and flourish in their lives. Our Character Development programme is based on our ETHOS and consists of 4 key virtues –kindness, courage, respect, and self-discipline– which are underpinned by purpose.

Core Values & Key Virtues Diagram

Baytree’s History

Baytree adapts to the pandemic

1st January 2020

In the unprecedented international crisis caused by the covid-19 outbreak, Baytree moves all its provision online and adapts its services to meet emerging needs of women and girls in the community.

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The Adult Service becomes the Baytree’s Women’s Service

1st January 2018

The Adult service becomes the Baytree’s Women’s Service, adopting the EMPATH programme, a social mobility programme from the United States.

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Baytree registers as an independent charity

1st January 2017

Having been a project of the Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation for 26 years, Baytree registers as an independent charity with full support of the Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation.

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Building Young Brixton (BYB) is founded

1st January 2017

Baytree, together with High Trees, IRMO, Spiral, Ebony Horse Club and Marcus Lipton Community Enterprise, founds the Building Young Brixton (BYB), a consortium of Brixton based Youth Organisations with 9 member organisations.

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Baytree celebrates 25 years

1st January 2016

Baytree celebrates 25 years of supporting women and girls in Brixton

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The ‘Pearl Project’ starts

1st January 2013

As a result of extremely severe funding cuts the Adult Service team shows their commitment to Baytree by starts the ‘Pearl Project’ on a voluntary basis, enabling students to continue attending ESOL, ICT, Maths and Literacy classes on payment of low fees.

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Baytree hosts Boris Johnson

1st January 2012

Baytree hosts Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London.

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Baytree celebrates 20 years

1st January 2011

Baytree celebrates 20 years of life-changing work.

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The new kitchen is opened by Levi Roots

1st January 2010

Youth Forum obtains funding and designs the new kitchen which is opened by Levi Roots in November + The Youth Service is awarded a bronze level AQYP.

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Literacy programmes for women begin

1st January 2009

Baytree’s unique Literacy programmes for Women begin.

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The Adult Service begins their outreach work

1st January 2008

The Adult Service begins their outreach work in 11 Children’s Centres in Lambeth funded by Lambeth CYPS +The Volunteer Service achieves the Investing in Volunteers Quality Mark

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The PEACH programme starts

1st January 2007

The Baytree Centre starts the PEACH programme (Parents in the Education, Achievement and Character of their Children) based on a programme developed by the Metro Achievement Centre in the United States. This programme provides one-to-one academic and personal development mentoring for girls as well as support for their parents.

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The Adult Service is awarded funding

1st January 2005

The Adult Service is awarded funding through the European Social Fund, in addition to Lambeth Council funding and charitable grants. Mentoring for women begins.

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Princess Anne visits the centre

1st January 2002

Her Royal Highness Princess Anne visits the centre to celebrate Baytree’s recent 10 year anniversary

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First summer residential programme is held

1st January 1998

Baytree girls are taken on the first Summer Residential Programme + a registered creche opens

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The Youth Service begins

1st January 1997

Afterschool study clubs for girls begin and Baytree’s Youth Service is born.

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On-site creche and computer room open

1st January 1994

Brixton Challenge fund the refurbishment of an on-site creche and a computer room

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ESOL and IT classes begin

1st January 1993

Baytree is accredited as a Lambeth College Franchise and begins delivering ESOL and IT classes for women.

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The Baytree Centre is officially opened

1st January 1991

The Baytree Centre is officially opened and starts running skills-based courses for women.

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Refurbishment of the building begins

1st January 1990

Refurbishment of the building begins made possible by donations, fundraising and the help of volunteers.

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300 Brixton Road is purchased

1st January 1988

In the aftermath of the Brixton Riots local women ask a local priest, Father Thwaites, for support to set up a centre for women and families. In response a derelict warehouse at 300 Brixton Road is purchased by Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation.

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