A flower arranging course has inspired a Baytree woman to follow her dreams of becoming a florist

by Nov 18, 2020Women's Service

Over four weeks, three women from Baytree Centre took part in McQueen’s Flower School flower arranging course.

This took them through the basics of creating bouquets, and then on to wedding arrangements and displays for events, parties and shop windows, with creativity being the main theme throughout each session.

Ramona has always loved flowers and arrangements and is very crafty, so this was the perfect opportunity for her to develop her creativity as she starts her new life in the UK.

“I have 100% enjoyed the course, each part of it was really well put together and I learned a lot. I think it will be very useful for some projects that I have in mind for the future. This experience is something that happens once in a lifetime,” she said.

Ramona hopes to find work in a florist with the goal of eventually opening her own flower shop using everything she has learned at McQueens.

She has already had positive feedback on her arrangements. “After each session, we were able to take our flower arrangements home with us. I sent them to the school my husband works at, and he put them on display so that everyone could enjoy them,” Ramona said.

“I am really thankful to Baytree, and everyone involved in this process. It has been a huge opportunity to take this course at such a prestigious school. I have not only learned about flower arranging, but I have grown in self-confidence, after having started a new life in a new country and missing my family. I feel stronger and have lots of new projects to look forward to.”