PEACH (Parents in the Education, Achievement & Character of their children) is a project for mothers and daughters together. Any girl aged 6-18 can join PEACH and have access to our mentoring programme. The aim is to help girls improve their academic performance while also having fun, learning new things and developing their confidence and motivation. PEACH also gives mothers a forum to share their experiences and learn how to support their children more effectively.

The PEACH Project is a collaborative work between mother-daughter participants and mentors with the aim of achieving a better future for each family. Mentoring focuses on an inter-generational approach to social mobility. PEACH uses a theory of change which holds that economic sufficiency for every family can be attained by achieving upward movement in the following five areas: Education and Training, Family Stability, Well-being, Financial Management, and Employment & Career Management.

PEACH participants are inner-city mothers with their school-aged daughters.

  • Each daughter has a mentor who provides academic and soft skills support once a week for a minimum of one academic year. Mentors for the girls are young professionals or university students.
  • Each mother has a mentor who gives support in information, advice and guidance for a minimum of 1 year. Mentors for mothers are Baytree staff who belong to the Parent Team.
  • Mother-daughter participants invite their family and engage with other participating families during Family Day events, trips, or celebrations.

For more information, visit Parents on Peach, Girls on Peach, Family Activities.

To find out more please call 0207 733 5283, email a member of the team or come by the Baytree Centre.

Team members

Mae Parreño

Mae Parreño

Centre Director

Maria Van Zeller

Maria Van Zeller

Parent Coordinator