At Baytree we believe that parents are the first and most important educators of their children.

Parents on PEACH attend weekly family enrichment group sessions and a monthly one to one with our Parents’ Team.

In the sessions we focus on the practicalities of being effective parents, including such topics as:

  • Helping our children achieve success and become happy, balanced members of society with a lot to give;
  • Having a united, happy family, based on trust, love and the desire to become better people;
  • Making wise choices to help our children to do the same.

The approach is very practical, and each participant is encouraged to make Family Action Plans and is supported in putting them into practice and developing them.

Other topics covered are:

  • Parents as the first role models
  • The importance of fostering good habits from a very early age
  • Being positive and having a family project
  • Effective communication in the family
  • Relationships and conflict resolution
  • Promoting a clean and sustainable local environment
  • Acquiring a healthy lifestyle
  • Being in control of your budget
  • Knowing yourself
  • Promoting good values for the family and society
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • The challenges of the teenage years
  • Unity in diversity
  • Cultural and social inclusion

Parents on PEACH also have the opportunity of being supported by our ESOL, Literacy and Numeracy tutors to gain better knowledge and understanding of English as well as basic skills, thus improving their self-esteem and confidence. With higher confidence and personal support, parents and carers feel more able to access opportunities which help them improve their own lives through further education and/or employment.

To find out more please call 0207 733 5283, email a member of the team or come by the Baytree Centre.

Team members

Mae Parreño

Mae Parreño

Centre Director

Maria Van Zeller

Maria Van Zeller

Parent Coordinator