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junior resident

In 2010 the Junior Residential took place on the weekend of 13 & 14 March. Four leaders – made up of Baytree staff members and a Baytree volunteer – took 12 girls (aged between 9 and 12) to Blackland Farm in East Sussex.

Scroll down for pictures and further details about the Junior Residential in Spring Term 2010.

group photo.JPG

The group departed from Victoria train station at 10am on Saturday morning and after a short train ride and a taxi journey they arrived at Blackland Farm, an activity centre in the Sussex countryside. The group stayed in Restrop Cabin – dubbed Baytree Bungalow for the weekend – which included a dormitory of bunkbeds for the girls and a living area with an open fire.

cabin.jpg cabin table.jpg

After some of the girls helped the leaders to prepare lunch, the group tucked in to cheese, ham & tuna sandwiches and discussed some ground rules for the weekend including:
• Enjoy yourself!
• Respect everyone
• Be patient
• Work as a team

After lunch it was time for the first activity - Bouldering. Everyone attempted to climb along the wall without touching the floor. Some found it easier than others but everyone tried hard and encouraged each other.

all bouldering.jpg bouldering.jpg

Next the group went to meet Nathan, a member of Blackland Farm staff, who ran the Teambuilding activities. From keeping a ball off the ground using pipes to getting everyone safely through the ‘spider’s web’, the girls learnt how to communicate better and work as a team to achieve their goals.

pipe group.jpg spider's web.jpg

The final outdoor activity on the first day was Tunnelling. Crawling through pipes buried underground was dirty but enjoyable. The entire group pushed themselves to try and reach an exit further and further away from the entrance, and in spite of the dark and cramped conditions they all managed it.

tunelling.JPG close up tunnel.jpg

At the end of a long day of activities the group returned to the ‘Baytree Bungalow’. While some girls helped the leaders to prepare dinner, others helped collect firewood and watched as a leader showed them how to build a fire.

firewatching.jpg dinner time.jpg

After a delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognaise the group played games based around the themes of trust, sharing and inclusion.

trust games.jpg trust game.JPG

To end the day the group undertook some arts & crafts and enjoyed hot chocolate in front of the open fire while they made Mother’s Day cards and friendship bracelets.

On Sunday morning the group got up early, some girls helped the leaders to prepare breakfast while the others helped to tidy up the cabin.

sweeping up.JPG washing up.jpg

Following breakfast the group headed out for their most anticipated activity - the Zip Wire. Although some people were initially quite scared, once they saw their new friends enjoying the wire everyone decided to have a go. Even the leaders got harnessed up and zipped down the very high wire!

group zipwire.jpg hayley zipwire.JPG

Finally the group returned to the cabin to enjoy lunch, think about their experiences as they filled in a short evaluation and then help to finish tidying up the cabin for departure.

walking back.jpg survey.jpg

At 2pm on Sunday a tired but happy group waved goodbye to the ‘Baytree Bungalow’ and Blackland Farm and headed back to London where their parents awaited their return.

group at end.jpg

Facts & Figures

At the end of the Residential the girls’ evaluations showed that they had all:
• Done at least 2 things they’d never done before
• Met new girls
• Made new friends
• Done at least one thing really well

5 girls named the Zip Wire as their favourite activity, 3 said tunnelling, 1 teambuilding, 1 bouldering, 1 helping with the cooking and 1 said all the activities were her favourite!

When explaining what the best thing about the trip was, girls said:
"Doing different activities..."
"it was fun..."
"making new friends..."
"...it was all brilliant!"

When asked what she enjoyed most, one girl said: "all the fun we had together" ...which sums up the residential perfectly!