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Summer University

Law - August 2010

This summer we ran a two-day course in Law, for girls aged 14-19.

The course aimed to help young people understand the basics of a career in law. There was also an opportunity to meet trainee solictors at a law firm in the City and a visit to The Old Bailey.

On the first day the group visited Herbert Smith LLP (a firm of solictors near Liverpool Street). The young people met trainee solictors and a partner from the firm who discussed the typical day for a solictor and answered the girls queries about a career in law.

learning.JPG learning2.JPG

The second day of the course, began with a trip to The Old Bailey where the young people witnessed a trial and developed their knowledge of how a trial unfolds. In the afternoon, they used this knowledge to take part in a mock trial. Divided into defence, prosecution and jury, the young people role played a dangerous driving case.